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Stripes of colours

Patterns at the Science Museum of London

2 lovers by the Mekong river.

Laos, a tale of two cities

Bruna, Giulia and Adriana; 3 transexuals.


These people work the streets of a Roman neighbourhood called EUR; they all come from Brazil and they hope to find true love in Italy. Giulia is married with…

A stone carved face at Angkor Wat.

Cambodia 21

bar bottles baccano roma

Baccano restaurant

Baccano is a restaurant positioned between the Trevi Fountain and the Italian Parliament. It’s a lovely place to eat and have a drink if you happen to be…

Birròforum 2014

white hand black hand


Suleman, Aboubakar, Cheikh, Sidiki e Modibo are the people behind Barikamà, a small cooperative project to produce organic yogurt and vegetables. After escaping from mafia in Calabria, they…

Naples & Ischia featured

Naples & Ischia

Akshay Mittal featured

Akshay Mittal

Charkha: The Spinning Wheel - featured

Charkha: The Spinning Wheel

I had the pleasure to capture on a bidimensional media this incredible tridimensional sculpture. A 30ft high steel structure, spiraling into the air, the Charkha has been erected…

Tikshika Rao - featured

Tikshika Rao

Saurabh Goyal