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Taman Negara forest

Truly Malaysia

Stripes of colours

Patterns at the Science Museum of London

2 lovers by the Mekong river.

Laos, a tale of two cities

Bruna, Giulia and Adriana; 3 transexuals.


These people work the streets of a Roman neighbourhood called EUR; they all come from Brazil and they hope to find true love in Italy. Giulia is married with…

A stone carved face at Angkor Wat.

Cambodia 21

bar bottles baccano roma

Baccano restaurant

Baccano is a restaurant positioned between the Trevi Fountain and the Italian Parliament. It’s a lovely place to eat and have a drink if you happen to be…

EUR: the Dream City of Fascism - featured

EUR: the Dream City of Fascism

A TimeLapse shot in 1 week. EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma) was originally planned for the International Exposition of 1942 in Rome, but the project was halted because of…

Birròforum 2014

Alang: the World’s Largest Ship Dismantling Site - featured

Alang: the World’s Largest Ship Dismantling Site

Alang, in the western Indian state of Gujrat, the most interesting place in the world you have never heard of. In this arid strip of sand on the…

white hand black hand


Suleman, Aboubakar, Cheikh, Sidiki e Modibo are the people behind Barikamà, a small cooperative project to produce organic yogurt and vegetables. After escaping from mafia in Calabria, they…

Naples & Ischia featured

Naples & Ischia

Colgate India – 75 Years Celebration

Colgate is in India since 75 years; they commissioned this internal video to be shown during the celebration day.

Fire and Passion - featured

Fire and Passion

Shot it during Holi in Mumbai, India, 8th of March 2012. The singer is Elisabetta Beiletti and the production house is BlissCo, a Turin based company. Radio Version:…

Everyday Child - featured

Everyday Child

Everyday Child has a simple motto: Learn, Earn, Return. These are the faces of those kids who will be affected by their learning program.

Aga Khan Promos - featured

Aga Khan Promos

Video-promos I made for Aga Khan Planning and Building Service, India.

KimMi & Andy - featured

KimMi & Andy

Wedding of KimMi and Andy Berryville, Virginia June 2012.

Akshay Mittal featured

Akshay Mittal