The Rome Gay Pride 2015 (renamed just “Pride” to better include lesbians, transsexuals, asexuals, bisexuals and so on).
Hundreds of thousands of people peacefully marched the streets of Rome on June 13 asking the government for reforms such as “gay marriage” and adoptions for homosexuals.
In Italy the LGBT community is strongly political: it generally identifies itself with the left wing (socialist, communist and anarchist); it defends basic human rights such as right of migration and freedom of speech; it’s anti-fascist; and it advocates for better working conditions and the right to live a decent life despite your social class.

Rome, Italy.

A sad Man dressed in leather

A transsexual dancer

Girl holding a gay and lesbian sign

A man holding a sign which reads Gay OK

A girl with a rainbow on her cheek

Girl taking a selfie

A transsexual dancer holding a bottle of water

Two girl friends

A blond transsexual

A very slim transsexual

Transsexuals dancing on top of a bus

A man cross dressing

Transsexual dressed in pink

A woman with a clown nose

Eve and devil

Vittoria Schisano

Three friends

Police watching the march passing by

A lesbian couple

A transsexual with open arms

A girl holding two peace flags

Three girls posing for a photo

A woman masquerading

A man hoding a sign which reads Free to be gay

A guy wearing leather garment

A transsexual with big implants

Two transsexuals

A guy proposing to a transsexual dressed as a bride

Demonstrators dressed as soldiers

A young girl demonstrating

a transsexual dressed as Maleficent

A wagon full of demonstrators

A demonstrator showing his naked ass

A transsexual dressed as a bride

Girls dancing

A demonstrator dressed as Poseidon

Two transsexual friends

A transsexual and a gay

Two lesbians holding each other

Very muscular man

Magenta umbrella

A gay couple kissing

A demonstrator wearing a dick-headband

Man boobs

A girl dancing while a band is playing

A small girl and a demonstrator dressed as soldier

Two transsexuals, one of whom dressed as Maleficent

A transsexual holding a camera

A transsexual taking a selfie on sunset

Colosseum on sunset

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