Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as patroness of the Carmelite Order. The first Carmelites were Christian hermits living on Mount Carmel in the Holy Land during the late 12th and early to mid 13th century. They built a chapel in the midst of their hermitages which they dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, whom they conceived of in chivalric terms as the “Lady of the place.”

This church, Santa Maria del Carmelo, was built in the 80s of the 20th century by the architect Giuseppe Spina and inaugurated on October 4, 1986 by Cardinal Vicar Ugo Poletti.

Viale Beata Vergine del Carmelo, 10.
Rome, Italy.
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Exterior view, floor mosaic Collecting box pamphlets Nave, pews and presbytery Ceiling High angle view on pews Church's Entrance Pew and floor Nave and pews Stations of the Cross's Bas Reliefs Oval ceiling and Jesus on the cross Chrismarium Thurible and other tools Candelabra and Cross Exterior view of the church on sunset

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